Helping With Calculus

Calculus is the mathematics of change. In algebra we covered linear functions, the word linear refers to straight lines, straight lines represent change, but change that is at a constant rate (i.e. like a car driving at a constant speed). In calculus we will start to look at functions and lines where the changeā€¦ changes! For example, if a car driving at a constant speed is represented by a straight linear line, then we will use calculus to look at a car driving where its speed is changing (like if it was going down hills or being stuck behind cyclists etc.)

Select from the categories and lessons below to start viewing and learning from the many worked examples and explanations.


Get started with two short lessons on differentiation and integration. Click below to start with finding the slope of a tangent.


Ensure you are ready for Calculus by checking up on some basic algebra Select below to review the distance between two points.


Explore the differentiation of functions. Click below to get started with using rules including the Sum, Product, and Difference Rules.


Dig deeper into differentiation including using it for Linear Approximation. Select below to start this sub-section with the Chain Rule.

Graphs & Curves

Graph functions to help see how theoretical concepts to real-life situations. Click below to start with maximum and minimum rainfall!


View some additional worked examples. Select below for the first introductory one on sketching a tangent and estimating its slope. is still very much a work-in-progress with an eye on future development. We can't forget our first ever page though - a basic example of the application of the Power Rule.